Tenant FAQ

*If your question is not listed here, please view your Tenant Handbook which can answer most general questions. This was provided to you upon initial signup. It is also located on your Tenant Portal.

No. Your security deposit is held in a separate account and can only be used for outstanding charges after you vacate the property – not for your last month’s rent.

Generally, no. Any changes can affect the ability of our staff to respond to calls, lock outs, or maintenance requests in a timely manner. Please contact us if you need to rekey your home.

Yes. Renters insurance is required.

If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue, first review our troubleshooting guide, located in the Tenant Handbook, which may resolve your issue. If this does not help you, you can submit an online maintenance via the Tenant Portal. If you have not set up your Tenant Portal email us at office@horizonrentals.com.

We try our best to respond to non-emergency requests within 48-72 business hours. Have you given us permission to enter? This results in more speedy repairs. If you have more than one request, it may be that multiple vendors are required to complete the request, or we are still seeking approval to move forward. Please note that we do prioritize work orders, and emergency requests are more frequent during colder months. Please review our Tenant Handbook for troubleshooting tips.
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